Of course dimensions are important, but only when changes which are really at variance with the range of normality are concerned, like for example “congenital micropenis”, or significant shortening which is sometimes a result of “Induratio Penis Plastica”. Many men, however, whilst well within the category of normality, maintain that they have a small penis and for this reason seek the assistance of a specialist. In these cases we resort to surgical operations in order to obtain a relative penis enlargement using a redissection of the hanging ligament, and when necessary, mini plastic surgery of the pubis and drawing back of the scrotum, obtaining in this way both a real increase in length as well as an optical increase. As far as circumference is concerned, enlargement can be obtained using the insertion of fat drawn elsewhere from the patient using lipo intake. Finally one might resort to external penis expanders in order to obtain a real increase in the dimensions of the penis.

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External devices (such as those shown in the picture) are used, with ease, and can be applied to the penis for several hours a day, for several months, keeping the penis drawn tight. The penis will respond to this forced extension increasing in its own dimensions with definitive results. These two methods can be used together.

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